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The wedding reality (East vs. West: traditions & customs)

I’m pretty proud of myself for making this decision so quickly. Fiancé and I both agreed that we would have a western wedding with a Chinese tea ceremony and then do an Asian celebratory dinner in Hong Kong/China. Since we come from such different cultural backgrounds, it was quite interesting to see what we considered important during this wedding process. Here are a few of those considerations (in no particular order of importance): Continue reading “The wedding reality (East vs. West: traditions & customs)”

The wedding reality (The venue)

When fiancé and I got engaged I was overjoyed. I was riding on this high of our engagement blissfully in my moment prancing around telling my family and friends and proudly showing them my ring.

Within days well-meaning friends and family started shattering my moment. It felt like they were throwing bricks at my imaginary glass castle and watched as the cracks grew into a web and started taking on a life of its own. Continue reading “The wedding reality (The venue)”

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