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RBF series 2: I’m quiet, am I a stuck up bitch or simply reserved?

In my previous post about my RBF, I mentioned briefly that I was blessed with the double whammy; my RBF and the fact that I’m quiet. I don’t use the word blessed loosely I really do love the fact that I’m quiet. This characteristic lets me truly see and experience the people and things around me. Unfortunately in a world that praises and prizes extroversion, this does put me at a disadvantage and into some really uncomfortable situations. Continue reading “RBF series 2: I’m quiet, am I a stuck up bitch or simply reserved?”

The Resting Bitch Face aka RBF

According to Urban Dictionary (I can’t believe I’m quoting Urban Dictionary). A RBF is a person, usually a girl who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to

Continue reading “The Resting Bitch Face aka RBF”

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