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Oats…. like the common worker, overworked and underappreciated

Originally published April 24, 2013 

A skin care fanatic on a tight budget

While trying to keep a budget on how much I spend on skin care, I often get excited and suckered into buying what I thought was the magical product at that time. While I may be excited to try the product my excitement of a new product quickly disappears after I hit the “confirm” button for my credit card transaction.  Once the product arrives, I’m not eager to open up the package nor am I too eager to try it immediately, but when I do, I’m often more disappointed than pleasantly surprised and after a while, it ends up on some shelf covered with dust.   Continue reading “Oats…. like the common worker, overworked and underappreciated”

Add a little Lube to your Dermis (Lubriderm)

Originally published August 7, 2012 

Mind in the gutter or not … the dermis does need lubricating.

It’s been a month since I’ve used Lubriderm Daily lotion for normal to dry skin and the results are fantastic, I couldn’t be happier.

Continue reading “Add a little Lube to your Dermis (Lubriderm)”

St. Ives Collagen Elastin Lotion Review

Originally published May 6, 2012 

First up: St. Ives Collagen Elastin Lotion.

Prior to visiting  St Ives Collagen Elastin Lotion I had no idea that St. Ives lotion was 100% natural, but upon reading the ingredients on the back of my bottle I only recognized two ; aqua = liquid and glycerin (glyercol) = naturally occurring alcohol compound and a component to many lipids (

Continue reading “St. Ives Collagen Elastin Lotion Review”

You’re hot then you’re cold

Originally published March 5, 2012

Seems like mother nature has taken a liking to Katy Perry’s song. As a result of this summer/winter oh no wait for it … summer again and then winter weather a lot of people have fallen ill. While I detest sick people coughing and sneezing over me, I must say that this weather reminds me of a really good skin home remedy. Continue reading “You’re hot then you’re cold”

A soothing habit

Originally posted Feb 23, 2012

lo·tion (lshn)


1. A medicated preparation consisting of a liquid suspension or dispersion intended for external application.
2. Any of various externally applied cosmetic liquids.

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