When fiancé and I got engaged I was overjoyed. I was riding on this high of our engagement blissfully in my moment prancing around telling my family and friends and proudly showing them my ring.

Within days well-meaning friends and family started shattering my moment. It felt like they were throwing bricks at my imaginary glass castle and watched as the cracks grew into a web and started taking on a life of its own.


“Congratulations guys, Hey so when’s the wedding? “


“ Aww I’m so happy for you, so where is the venue?”


“OMGosh so what colour scheme did you pick? I want to make sure my dress doesn’t clash with it”

And before you know it, my castle fell and my high was over.

I was never one of those girls that had their wedding planned at age 10. I did not know what dress, centerpieces or colour scheme I wanted. Heck the only thing that I liked and imagined my wedding to be was me walking down the aisle of a chapel/church and turns out I can’t even get married in a church because I am not religious. So there goes that.

The next few months was a blur of researching and visiting venues. We thought we were way ahead of the game because we were looking for October of next year during June of this year. Little did we know there were couples at these venues that were looking for two years in advance and they were the ones that were spot on. All my life I have held myself to the highest standards of being punctual and here I was, a year late and I didn’t even know it. I have come to the conclusion that the correct order of events would be for the ladies or gents to book the venue, plan the wedding and THEN find your other half to enjoy it with.

The one thing I did find funny and interesting is that there was a lot of food at all of these venue open houses, so if you and your other half had the time you could technically troll these events during date night and be fed and entertained for free!

The frustrating thing that I found was that if you got married on government property, you have to apply for a photography license to take pictures on that property. I have to pay the government to have my wedding pictures taken at the lake/park/garden? but normally I do not? Mind you there is a time limit on this license.

After visiting countless wedding venues fiancé and I settled on the one that we liked best, I say settled because it’s not 100% but there won’t be 100% because by the time we find our 100% it would’ve probably been booked till 2050. We put our names down on the waitlist and waited nervously for 3 days until the other couple’s hold had expired (no we are not talking about buying property here and thank god there was no bidding war).

Venue – check!

Next we took on the beast that is known as the guest count guarantee. How many people are you planning to invite? (Where do you draw the line of relatives/extended family), how many of the guests won’t actually attend but will be offended if they don’t get an invite and how many can you guarantee? Apparently these are not the same things. Maybe it’s obvious to other future brides- to- be but it definitely was not obvious to me. Ahhh wedding politics, it’s a funny thing.Fiancé and I went back and forth many times during our 3 day complimentary hold on the guest count and finally just threw in the towel and gave a somewhat logical number.

In the midst of all this craziness I have forgotten why we are doing this, I have forgotten about “us”. Sometimes the big picture requires taking many giant steps back to see. Take them.