As I began my count down for my annual trip back to Hong Kong to visit my parents this year I already had hints of sadness that I would once again be leaving them.  They say things get easier with time, this is one of the many instances where this saying is simply not true. I’ve been away from my parents for the last 10 years seeing them once every two years or once a year if I’m lucky.  Our good-byes at the airport went from quick hugs and joyful waves to holding back tears and long embraces. It’s so ironic that as we age we appreciate and cherish the time with our parents more but that’s when we’re away from them the most ‘forging our own lives’.

I fall into the same slump after every trip where I’m determined to find a job and move back home. This year is no different. As I’m searching through the job ads the same things cross my mind

  • I will have to start over once I’m in Hong Kong
  • I don’t want to raise a family in Hong Kong
  • I will have to start over when I move back to Canada
  • Will I regret not moving in 20 years? (the answer is always yes)

This vicious cycle…..

As a child, I never once thought that I would live away from my parents or that I wouldn’t be able to see them every day. Looking back I really took a lot of those times for granted. If only I could be a child with the maturity and wisdom of an 80 year old, get some of that Benjamin Button thing going.

So what would you? Wait until you’re more stable both financially and in life to go spend time with your parents or go spend quality time with your parents now while you can all enjoy it?