I was recently inspired to answer a question on Quora ” If given a chance to go back in time and change something from your past, would you do it, and what would you change?”

There are many things in my life that I want to change, but without a doubt, this is what I would change.


We were 17, it was after school and we were playing Hangman in the computer classroom. She was drawing her stick figure as we were yelling out letters to her. WRONG! She would say and our stick man would be dead. Her phone rings and she answers it, it’s her sister telling her to hurry up and leave. She packs her bag and kisses and hugs us goodbye. Off she went to enjoy her summer vacation.

15 minutes later I get a call. “Hello” I answer, “My sister has been hit by a car” sobs the other end. I feel a punch in my stomach “where are you?” “I’m at the bus terminal and the ambulance is taking her to the hospital, please come”. My friends and I gather up our things and run down the stairs of the school building. We flag a taxi down and instruct the driver to drive to the hospital. On our way there I fill my friends in telling them that our friend’s sister has been hit by a car. My phone rings “hello”, “they’re taking her into the ER”, “we’re on our way”. I tell my friends that our friend’s sister has been taken into the ER.

My friends pause for a brief moment and reply “no it’s our friend that’s being taken into the ER”. I feel another punch in my stomach.

We get there, we see her sister, and she runs into our arms sobbing. A few minutes later her family members arrive with our teachers following behind them. After what seemed like hours of waiting, praying and pleading with God, the doctor comes to tell us that she had multiple injuries including a fractured pelvis and a broken spine. The doctor said they couldn’t operate on her because she was too weak.

We were led into the ER to say goodbye. We took turns saying our goodbyes and I saw tears forming in the corners of her eyes so I knew she could hear us.

We were told that God wanted her by his side that’s why he took her. I’m selfish, I want to go back to this day and say No, she stays here with us.