I’ve never been much of a risk taker and with good reason, the “biggest” risk I remember taking as a kid was sliding down a steep grassy hill on a piece of cardboard. It was SO MUCH fun! Until the cardboard slipped out under me and I kept going due to momentum. This resulted in massive grass burns on my elbows and knees, the nurse had to physically pick out the twigs with tweezers. Other occurrences include trying to pry open an aerosol can to see what’s inside and carrying and feeding my 3 month old cousin while wearing roller skates (on one foot).

Society seems to equate having fun with loud, rambunctious and risky behaviour, often times fueled by alcohol. If you didn’t fit into this category, you weren’t fun, you were rigid, uptight and a party pooper. You name it, I’ve been called it. I’ve always known that I’m an introvert, but didn’t know what it really meant. When people hear the term introvert they often equate it with  being anti-social, quiet, boring, timid, shy, soft spoken which are all antonyms of words that describe “fun”. Until I read Quiet by Susan Cain, I actually thought that the definition of introvert was really all those things. This book really helped me to understand and put into words who I am and why I am the way I am.

Through this book I have understood why I like:

  • In depth one on one conversations over small talk
  • quiet time to recharge before going out into the world again
  • speaking to convey a meaningful message and not for the sake of talking
  • time to gather my thoughts and ideas before I present them

Through this book I have understood why I dislike:

  • Being the center of attention
  • Working a room
  • Networking
  • Going to parties
  • Drinking and getting drunk

So to all the haters out there, yes I’m an introvert and yes I do have fun. I just don’t have fun the way YOU deem is fun. Getting drunk and acting like idiots is not something I consider fun. Relaxing with a good book is fun, spending quality time with friends and family is fun and most importantly being me; the conservative, soft spoken, risk adverse, food loving, day dreamer is fun.

Susan Cain also has a Ted Talk on The Power of Introverts