Originally published August 7, 2012 

Mind in the gutter or not … the dermis does need lubricating.

It’s been a month since I’ve used Lubriderm Daily lotion for normal to dry skin and the results are fantastic, I couldn’t be happier.

Being the unfaithful, adventurous lotion tester that I am, I’m willing to try pretty much anything on my skin and  since Lubriderm was on sale at Shoppers I decided to give it a try. The smooth non-greasy texture of the lotion is perfect for the record breaking temperatures that we’ve been having not to mention the humidity. Instead of providing you with a greasy body suite, Lubriderm absorbs almost instantly leaving your skin smooth and supple. Another refreshing characteristic of Lubrderm is that it does not smell like artificial flowers/babies/bees and honey/grass/ocean and all those other scents that claim to keep you calm and relaxed.

All in all,

Consistency = olive oil (but not greasy)

Skin feels = fresh, non-greasy

Price = $$ out of $$$$$

Season = spring/summer lotion

Scent = natural

Moisturizing ability = great

Definitely a recommended buy.

Till next time Lotion on!