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You are still standing.

Remember your first heart break? The endless tears that you cried, the countless questions that you asked? You didn’t think you could take another breath because it was so painful. Well… it all worked out in the end and you are still standing. Continue reading “You are still standing.”

The wedding reality (East vs. West: traditions & customs)

I’m pretty proud of myself for making this decision so quickly. Fiancé and I both agreed that we would have a western wedding with a Chinese tea ceremony and then do an Asian celebratory dinner in Hong Kong/China. Since we come from such different cultural backgrounds, it was quite interesting to see what we considered important during this wedding process. Here are a few of those considerations (in no particular order of importance): Continue reading “The wedding reality (East vs. West: traditions & customs)”

The wedding reality (The venue)

When fiancé and I got engaged I was overjoyed. I was riding on this high of our engagement blissfully in my moment prancing around telling my family and friends and proudly showing them my ring.

Within days well-meaning friends and family started shattering my moment. It felt like they were throwing bricks at my imaginary glass castle and watched as the cracks grew into a web and started taking on a life of its own. Continue reading “The wedding reality (The venue)”


“so here you are
too foreign for home
too foreign for here.
Never enough for both”

Ijeoma Umebinyuo, “diaspora blues”

where is home

Goodies for Foodies- World’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant Tim Ho Wan

As I grew up in Hong Kong I never felt the need to seek out good food in Hong Kong when visiting, but this trip I decided to play the tourist card. I jumped on almighty Google and found the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant; Tim Ho Wan dim sum specialty restaurant.  Phil from I’ll have what Phil’s having also raved about this place a lot when he was in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Goodies for Foodies- World’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant Tim Ho Wan”

RBF series 2: I’m quiet, am I a stuck up bitch or simply reserved?

In my previous post about my RBF, I mentioned briefly that I was blessed with the double whammy; my RBF and the fact that I’m quiet. I don’t use the word blessed loosely I really do love the fact that I’m quiet. This characteristic lets me truly see and experience the people and things around me. Unfortunately in a world that praises and prizes extroversion, this does put me at a disadvantage and into some really uncomfortable situations. Continue reading “RBF series 2: I’m quiet, am I a stuck up bitch or simply reserved?”

Your definition of success

When I was 12, I thought that I would be married by 22, have kids by 24 and have a full-fledged upward trajectory of a career by 30.  You always see those drawings of how people view success (a straight line upwards) versus how success actually is (a ton of squiggly lines back and forth) and you think “yup I can totally understand that”. However, understanding it and living it are two very different things. Continue reading “Your definition of success”

Growing up….. one of the many ironies of life

As I began my count down for my annual trip back to Hong Kong to visit my parents this year I already had hints of sadness that I would once again be leaving them.  They say things get easier with time, this is one of the many instances where this saying is simply not true. Continue reading “Growing up….. one of the many ironies of life”

Time Travel .. if you could go back

I was recently inspired to answer a question on Quora ” If given a chance to go back in time and change something from your past, would you do it, and what would you change?”

There are many things in my life that I want to change, but without a doubt, this is what I would change. Continue reading “Time Travel .. if you could go back”

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